“Out There…Somewhere”: National Doughnut Day leaves a hole in Trenton

TRENTON, S.C. (WJBF) – Tiny Trenton, South Carolina. Folks here speak highly of it.

“Just love this little town would trade it for the world,” said resident Jay Summer.

Trenton has a cool clock and check out the canon.

And they love their books. That explains the number of libraries.

“We have two libraries, we have two libraries,” said Police Chief Albert “Deke” Tanks.

And at the library, you could read that today is National Doughnut Day and the place to be of course the doughnut shop, why not.

“I love doughnuts and a lot of people love doughnuts they’re fattening but they’re good,” said Dr. Brenda Brightharp.

They love doughnuts in Trenton too, but the town with two libraries doesn’t have a doughnut shop.

“We don’t I couldn’t tell you where the closest one is either,” said Jay.

Like how some people believe Valentine’s Day taunts single people National Doughnut Day sort of taunts the people here in Trenton and it taunts some people a little more than others.

Imagine you’re the Police Chief in Trenton, and your town doesn’t have a doughnut shop.

“Ow he can’t function he can’t do the job you have, to have doughnuts,” said Brenda.

“Where do you have to go to get them?

“North Augusta or either Aiken but it’s worth it it’s really worth it,” said Chief Tanks.

Be they glazed, frosted or cream filled they are what we love, and we love to celebrate National Doughnut Day, well almost every one.

“Are you going to celebrate chief?

“No, because we don’t have any you got to have doughnuts to celebrate, said a melancholy chief.

A doughnut shop here would be welcomed Out There somewhere in Trenton, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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