Herman Cain kicks off day two of the GOP Convention

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)–  Day two of the Georgia Republican Convention kicked off this morning with a Victory Breakfast. Herman Cain, an Atlanta businessman who ran for president, was the keynote speaker.

Cain is also the founder of Godfather Pizza and a radio host. He discussed several hot topics during Saturday morning’s Victory Breakfast. As a 2012 Republican Presidential candidate, he says he is “happy to have a businessman in the White House.”

Casino Gambling in the Peach State was discussed Saturday, and Michael McNeely, First Vice Chair of the Georgia Republican Party, applauded Cain for speaking against it.

“We don’t need to bring that culture to our state. Sex trafficking and the climate where people are taking their pay checks to spend on gambling– it’s just not what we need. It’s not what the majority of Georgians want,” McNeely said.

Cain said casino gambling is a loss-loss and will bring no profit to the peach state.

The Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center in Augusta, is a different story though.

Geoff Duncan, State Representative of the 26th District, said Republicans need to be a party of ideas– and he said cyber security is a step in the right direction.

“Well for one, I think it brings a lot of focus to Georgia, and it helps us to be a part of the next generation, which is something I put a lot of emphasis as a Legislature. I think it puts us in a great position nationally to kind of lead on the issue,” Duncan said.

Being a native of the Augusta area, McNeely said the new facility will economically benefit not only the Garden City, but the entire state.

“That’s huge for the state. Cyber security is vitally important to our national security. I’m so glad that Governor Deal has led the way in ensuring that this facility is coming here. It’s important to our national defense. It’s important to the community for jobs, and the importance of the right here in this community,” McNeely shared.

“I think it’s also going to be a hub, or an incubator, for other spokes inside of that industry to come to Georgia and call it home. This is a great place to raise your family. This is a great place to run your business,” Duncan said.

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