A dozen people arrested in London after deadly terror attack

London (WJBF) – British police say they have arrested 12 people in east London over London Bridge attack.
ABC’s Erielle Reshef has more.

A Saturday night stroll on London Bridge turned into mayhem and murder when this white van plowed into a crowd, running down helpless pedestrians.
Simon Thompson, Eyewitness said, “There was people lying on the ground.”
One person tweeting a photo of the immediate aftermath — people trying to give aid to the injured.
Police and ambulance workers swarming the scene.
Witnesses describe a chaotic disaster zone.
Sohel Uddin, ABC News Producer said, “Once they crashed that van, three men got out and they were apparently armed with long knives.”
Asst. Commissioner Mark Rowley, Metropolitan Police said, “The suspects then left the vehicle and attempted to stab a number of people.”
People ordered to evacuate.
“How clear do I need to be – move out of this area!”
Police asking radio stations to tell those in the area — run and hide.
Police said, “Keep moving!”
Word came from nearby borough market of the knife attacks.
Eyewitness said, “They said this is for Allah. And they run up and they stabbed this girl I don’t know how many times, ten times, maybe fifteen times.”
Heavily-armed police gunning down 3 suspects.
David Dixon, Eyewitness said, “We heard three separate volleys of gunfire….”
Asst. Commissioner Mark Rowley, Metropolitan Police said, “They confronted three suspects, shot them. and they are dead.”
The attackers were wearing what looked like explosive vests, but police say they were weren’t real.
President Trump tweeted, “Whatever the United States can do to help out in london and the U-K, we will be there. We are with you. God Bless.”
Erielle Reshef said, “The u-k threat level — severe — the second highest after the suicide bombing at an ariana grande concert in manchester left 22 people dead and 116 wounded.
This evening the singer is scheduled to hold a memorial concert for the victims in manchester visiting some of the youngest in the hospital.
Erielle Reshef, ABC News, London.”

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