Vigil honoring the 6 kids in Friday’s crash

MARTINEZ, Ga. (WJBF)–  A vigil was held tonight at Martinez Elementary School for the children involved in the Columbia County crash. That’s where all of those kids attend school.

Several of their classmates came out in support.  Two of the six kids involved in the crash are still in critical condition. And one, Arwen Bargeron, hasn’t woken up.

“That makes me feel like she was her sister’s keeper. She’s just resting now because for Violet, she had to save her,” Jaime Narin, Arwen’s teacher, said.

Narin taught Arwen Bargeron this past school year. The teacher described Arwen as a leader. She believes she saved Violet’s life.

“Being that they were both in the front seat– you had Arwen and Violet, and Arwen being closest to the door… If you’ve seen that car, even doctors said they should not have walked away or made it out alive,” Narin said.

The Martinez community joined together Monday night to lift up the victims in prayer. The Martinez Elementary School music teacher sang hymns and with candles lit, the school’s media specialist, Jona Gaskin, prayed for healing over the two Bargeron sisters.

“Where two are more are gathered in My name, there I am, and the Lord’s presence was here tonight,” Gaskin said.

Before becoming a media specialist, Gaskin taught 1st and 3rd grade.  She taught Preston McConnell when he was in first grade.

“I remember him walking into my classroom for the first time: such a dapper young man. If you’ve ever met Preston, you will know he is a well spoken young man, very personable,” Gaskin said.

She Madeline Elliott was in her third grade class.

“She was such a sweetheart– I called her Fancy Nancy because she likes to wear dresses and nice pretty sandals. She was always so mannerable and sweet,” Gaskin recalled.

“Martinez Elementary and this community– we are a big family. Right now, as I have on the Facebook page, this is the beginning of their journey. We’re here right now at the beginning, and we’re going to be there until the end,” Narin said.

The community made donations at the vigil to help with the family’s household bills.

If you feel led to give, visit the GoFundMe page called “Arwen and Violet’s Journey.” Link:


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