Commissioners say equipment probe should go on

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Mark Johnson may have resigned but some city leaders say this case shouldn’t be over.

“The investigation should go on until we a true clear understanding of all the factors,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“Its taxpayer money it’s taxpayer’s equipment we cannot allow that we cannot accept that we cannot agree with that,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Back in March, Al Gray contracted the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office after spotting a city excavator and trailer on private property in Lincoln County.

The Sheriff’s office report, states the land is owed by Troy Meeks and Johnathon Owens.

““I don’t know anything about those names,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Other names in the report are landfill workers McKinley Williams, who retires in March as the employee who operated the excavator.

And Landfill Director Mark Johnson.

in the report Johnson said he told McKinley Williams he could use the excavator to help Troy Meeks.

That night after being questioned by investigators Johnson was filmed at the Lincoln County property.

“He still shouldn’t have gone up there he could have come clean to the commission I guess to let them know what transpires,” said Marion Williams.

The report says who was involved but not why, no answers as to why city workers and equipment went on private property in Lincoln County.

“We need to find out that’s why I want to continue this investigation going to find out,” said Marion Williams.

It’s going to be on the agenda next week?”

“I already put it on the agenda for next week to talk about it,” said Williams.

According to the Sheriff’s report the landfill workers were still being paid by the city while they worked on the private land in Lincoln County.


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