“Out There…Somewhere”: Crime fighting comes up small in Olar, SC

"Out There...Somewhere"

OLAR, S.C. (WJBF) – Olar, South Carolina. It’s no biggie.

“Not too bad I think the population is about 250,” said lifelong resident Riley Warren.

Tiny but don’t think Olar doesn’t have issues with crime.

“It’s got its share you know like any other town,” said Riley.

But not every other town has the Olar South Carolina police headquarters.

“Yeah,” said Earnest Staley after a hearty laugh

Here’s the Olar police station, no right there’s that’s it, that’s it?

This little building IS the Olar police station.

I think they need to build one a little bigger,” said Earnest.

Well it couldn’t be much smaller.

‘Is it the smallest police station in the world?”

“Could be,” said Willie Priester.

So let’s take the grand tour, you see inside the puny precinct is manned by a uniformed police officer.

There’s an old copy of the South Carolina legal code a ticket book, 9-1-1 calls come in on the rotary phone, under the constable’s feet an old doughnut box,

The police station sure is tiny how tiny is it well you have to go outside just to change your mind.

You never spent the night?”

“No I never spent the night in that,” said Willie.

“Never got locked up in Olar can’t say that for every town,” said Riley.

Olar’s pint size police station what about that.

“I think it’s cool I think it’s neat,” said Willie.

And if your police station is this small you really can’t get into big trouble out there somewhere in Olar George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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