Pastor, radio host brings hope to missing Josey teen

Local pastor and radio host, Angela C. Harden, holds prayer vigil for LaTania Janell Carwell.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A community concerned about missing Augusta teen LaTania Janell Carwell turned to prayer.  It was the brainchild of a voice of praise and inspiration many people hear over the airwaves.  Pastor Angela C. Harden is now putting her passion all over this case to help bring this 16-year-old home. Her goal was to bring closure and peace to family, friends, community members and Janell’s classmates.

NewsChannel 6 stopped by WEZO to speak with Pastor Harden about the prayer vigil.

“Blessings! We thank you guys for being a part of the praise train. That’s right you’re riding aboard the praise train with me, Angela C. Harden,” the host said as she said her familiar phrase.

It’s the voice known to many on the AM dial.  But Friday night, she stepped stepping away from the microphone to call on the Lord in a missing person’s case that has garnered national attention.

Pastor Harden explained, “We’re concerned and we want to know where she is. She’s been missing now for almost two months. There was a need to come together to seek the Lord for some answers.”

Harden organized a community wide prayer vigil at T.W. Josey Comprehensive High School where LaTania is a sophomore. She wants to provide hope to her classmates and countless others working in the trenches make sure the missing teen is found.

“The community deserves answers because we care,” she explained. “The community deserves closure because we care and the community deserves justice because we care.”

Harden cared back in May when she sat down one-on-one with LaTania’s mother, Tanya Tripp to help her find her daughter. She said that’s when she noticed a red flag.

“And that is when she said I’m his wife, she’s not his wife. I didn’t even ask her about that,” she recalled. “That just came up out of here. That was a spirit. That wasn’t a mother.”

Pastor Harden is remaining hopeful following District Attorney Natalie Paine’s announcement this week that LaTania is presumed dead or unable to communicate. She said she is prepared to call on God despite the unimaginable.

“We don’t know what state of mind she’s in. We don’t know if she’s alive. We don’t. What our plans are is we’re going to be praying different prayers.”

Sistahs Protecting Sistahs plans to help in the search for LaTania Carwell.

The group will meet Saturday to pass out flyers to people around town, such as in stores etc. because they have not seen many flyers around town.  The group feels like people may be more comfortable with them instead of with police.

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