Cyber parking deck deal has city paying for staffing but not maintenance

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) It will be a 575 space parking deck for the Cyber Center to be built near the intersection of Reynolds and 11th street paid for by Augusta.

“They asked for our assistance to show that we had some skin in the game with this major project and the major dollars they’re bringing to downtown Augusta and out commission agreed that would be in the best interest to our community,”
says City Administrator Janice Allen Jackson.

Under its agreement with the Georgia Technology Authority, Augusta will issue bonds to pay for the deck and will own it until the bonds are paid off.

Augusta will collect all parking revenues; however will have to pay to staff the deck.

City Administrator Jackson says the options include hiring a private company to run it, having city workers operate the deck or working something out with Augusta University.

“At this point we have not budgeted anything for that,” said Jackson.

While the city will pay to staff the deck the agreement says the state will be responsible for day to day maintenance costs.

“For them to handle the maintenance piece of it we know that was going to be the costly piece,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

“You’re happy they’ve taken on the maintenance?”

“Absolutely,” said Frantom.

”That’s very, very important maintenance on a deck like this could cost up to 600 dollars per space obviously we are a little concerned about how much rent we can charge,” said Administrator Jackson.

The city will be collecting parking fees and the state will reserve 250 spaces paying 50 dollars a month that guarantees the city as least 150 thousand dollars a year in parking revenue.

“The state is giving up a minimum of 250 we hope it’s going to be significantly more than that,” said Jackson.

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