Parking deck going into Pocket of Blight

Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Plans for a new parking deck at the Cyber training center is moving forward.

Commissioners approving the agreement with the state for the city to pay 12 million dollars for the 575 space deck.

The commission voted to designate the property an “an “Urban Redevelopment Area”
this will allow bonds to be issued for construction.

However this required city leaders to declare the golf and gardens site “a pocket of blight” which is required by state law.

“That’s consistent with the redevelopment powers act of the state of Georgia that language is in there there’s certainly been an opportunity for us to revisit this now so again I don’t think that shines or casts and negative aspirations on it,” says Mayor Hardie Davis.

Under the agreement with the state the city will have to cover the costs for staffing the parking deck but the city will be able to collect on the fees.

The state will be responsible for the day to day maintenance.

Work has started on the site with the official ground breaking next Monday.

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