The RCSO wants to keep your home safe from intruders during summer travel

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Many of you will spend time traveling for the summer and while you’re away the Richmond county Sheriff’s Office wants to make sure your home is protected. During the summer months and during most holidays the Sheriff’s office is encouraging residents to refrain from posting about their travel plans on social media. While social media can be a powerful tool it could also be one that burglars use to target your home while you’re away. Sergeant Shane McDaniel suggest notifying a family member or neighbor of your travel plans rather than on social media.

“If you’re going to post pictures of your vacation don’t post while you’re on vacation post it once you come back from vacation because you don’t want to let other people know that there’s no one safeguarding your home and watching your belongings that you worked so hard for,” McDaniel said.

Turning on motion censor lights or leaving a car parked in the driveway could help give the appearance that someone is still home. McDaniel adds that before leaving for vacation you should always create a plan to safeguard your home.

“Let your neighbors know that you’re going out of town, make sure that there is an emergency contact number in place and have a contingency plan. For example, if something does go wrong have an emergency contact person readily available. Everybody now has a smart phone take pictures of your electronics,” McDaniel said.

He says taking pictures of the items in your home and keeping them in a secure place will help you report those items to the police in the event you become a victim of home theft. Most neighborhoods have a Neighborhood Watch Association that detect suspicious activity in the area. He says asking a neighbor or friend to stop by and check on your home could also reduce your chances of being burglarized.

Also, by notifying the Sheriff’s office of your travel plans they will then ask you a series of questions about your home that could help you if there’s ever an emergency while you’re away. Security company’s also suggest leaving your surveillance system on inside of your home in case a burglar enters you can see what items were taken from your home in hopes of retrieving them from police.


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