Changes could come to Administrators evaluation in the future

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Commissioner Sean Frantom says Augusta’s department directors should have a say in grading the work of the city administrator.

“How are we going to get anybody to come and want to work here in the future if were not hearing their concerns from department directors,” said Commissioner Frantom.

“Are you hearing concerns about the administrator now?’

“I have had some concerns I have heard some concerns but I also have some concerns personally,” said Frantom.

Those concerns have Frantom proposing changing the Administrators job evaluation method, allowing   department directors join with commissioners.

“I want to make sure we’re getting all the feedback we can objective feedback as opposed to objective feedback from department heads,” said Frantom.

But from other commissioners the feedback isn’t positive, about changing the evaluation process for the city administrator since her contract is ending this year.

“That should have been part of her contract when we initially done that    I think to do that type of evaluation at this particular time is unfair to anybody,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

But Frantom’s proposal does have support.

“It allows some good feedback for people who do work for you I think it definitely helps in the learning process and opens up more communication,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis

A commission committee did not approve changing the evaluation process r but opponents say it is something they would considered in the future.

“If she happens to get another contract or whoever gets a contract in Augusta Richmond County I think that should be part of the process I can support that moving forward,” said Commissioner Hasan.

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