Neighbors where deputy shooting took place express shock

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – People along Lennox Road say this is normally a quiet south Augusta street but that quiet was shattered by the sounds of gunfire and sirens.

“Can’t explain it its hurtful especially for an area like this,” said Eva Bates who lives a few doors from where the shooting took place.

“Way out of the ordinary. Extremely out of the ordinary, but considering these days we are living in right now I guess there’s going to be a lot more way out of the ordinary,” said Michael Best who lives across the street.

Michael Best says the neighborhood looked and sounded like a battle zone. He says he was inside his home when the trouble started

“I heard the shots I was laying down to take a nap I heard the shots,” said Best.

The shots coming from the home where Deputy Cooke was shot, according to family members the home was where suspect 17-year-old Naeem Caldwell lived with his mother.

The news brought Bertha Osborne from Burke County, she’s Caldwell grandmother

‘He’s so young and got himself in a world of trouble and I’m sorry for the one who got killed,” said Osborne.

And that’s leaving a deep sadness on Lennox Road where an off duty deputy had been shot and killed.

“My heart goes out to his family prayers go to his family you just have to deal with what we are given,” said Best.

Bertha Osborne said she lived with her grandson for six years now he’s facing charges for the shooting of an off duty Richmond County Deputy she says this is not the grandson she knew.

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