Political expert breaks down the mind of a terrorist

Inside the mind of a terrorist is the dream to obtain a spot in heaven.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – After a handful of recent terror attacks, we are digging deeper to find out the motive of a terrorist.  It’s a summer campaign to create a world wide caliphate. An Augusta University professor tells NewsChannel 6 that’s the goal and we can expect weekly terrorist attacks in the UK from smaller groups and “lone wolves” killing a smaller number of people. We also talked about if we can expect the same danger here in the United States.

“In ISIS’s case, they believe they are saving us from eternal damnation by killing us to prevent us from sinning anymore,” said Dr. Craig Albert, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Augusta University.

Multiple terror attacks across Europe all have one thing in common.  The attackers pledged allegiance to ISIS.

“They see it as a holy act, a virtuous act. You’re not going to stop sinning so I’m going to put you out of your misery and save you from eternal damnation,” said Dr. Albert adding that terrorists who pledge allegiance do so with the expectation that they will be guaranteed a spot in heaven.

Albert said we can expect to see weekly attacks overseas as terrorism is working overtime to establish a caliphate or a world where extremist Muslims establish government rule by the Quran.

“The way money can be transferred, the right to a divorce, for instance, male vs female rights. Everything that in the west is defined by constitutionalism by legal separation of church and state. For extremist, Muslim extremist, it is put into effect by the Quran,” he explained.

The United States could see its share of attacks too. Albert said ISIS and Al Qaeda feel that America is too secular of a society. But it will be tough to establish fear. Albert said our government is working for our good.

“Our intelligence operators are focusing on the right things. Never doubt our men and women of the intelligence community,” the professor explained.

Albert added there are more than 22,000 people on the terror watch list in the UK and that’s too many to keep track of daily. But in the United States, places such as Augusta where cyber intelligence is utilized, are key for tracking this country’s terror watch list.

He said, “Augusta plays a very critical function in everything cyber, especially cyber terrorism.”

Albert stressed these smaller, unsophisticated attacks come from people who are slightly alienated or with criminal backgrounds.  They typically learn about how to attack online and he said ISIS no longer recruits foreign fighters to travel to the middle east.

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