Earthquake jolt concerned Augusta officials.

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)  The jolt was felt as far away as Aiken County and Mcduffie Counties.

Those at the Municipal Building say they it felt like the building dipped when the earthquake hit.

This  prompted an inspection of the building to see if any damage took place..

“We sent out a team representing the Marshals office also our maintenance crew and they’re going around through the Municipal Building as well as some of our other facilities like the Judical Center and the libraries and performing a visual inspection,” said Public Information Officer Jim Beasley who was on the 9th floor when the earthquake hit.

“We learned where the epicenter of the earthquake which was around Chester Avenue and Peach Orchard Road we sent folks out to drive around that area to see if they see anything we have had no reports of damage,” said Fire Chief Chris James.

Fire Chief James says this is the fourth earthquake in Georgia in the past 30 days




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