Commission makes July 3rd extra city holiday

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) It was the making of a day off, Augusta commissioners voting to make July third a city holiday…

“I was surprised at that I was really glad to see it though it’s good for our workers,” said Utilities Department Director Tom Wiedmeier.

Commissioners worked out adding the July third as a holiday following a closed door legal session with no advanced knowledge they were considering it.

“The good out weights the bad that’s one of those decisions we came up with,” said Commissioner Grady Smith.

A decision that all commissioner at the meeting agreed with.

“We all tried as a group to say hey let’s make it unanimous and everybody be positive about it,” said Commissioner Smith.

Commissioners can make July 3rd another holiday but that doesn’t mean the entire 27 hundred plus work force gets the day off, Sheriff’s deputies still have to patrol.

“July 3RD  the fire stations won’t be empty there will be a full complement here at station eight and the others’

“And to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the drinking water utilities department technicians will be clocking in all these entire department planned for July Fourth to be a holiday but July third that comes as a surprise.

“We had no communication about this before it happened so I don’t know what the city wide costs would be,” said Wiedmeier.

And before voting to make July third a holiday commissioners did not discuss how much it would cost in holiday pay and overtime.

“No we didn’t no. I’ll be honest with you,” said Commissioner Smith.

Bus service will still run on Monday July,Third, but not the Fourth, and there will be city trash service the   third but not the fourth. Meaning all pickups after Monday will be pushed back one day.

We asked the administrators office for an accounting how much an extra holiday costs in overtime pay they said they will get back to us.

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