Earthquake coverage

AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – A 3.2 magnitude quake was centered just off of Peach Orchard Road, just a few miles from downtown. People from Aiken County to McDuffie County are saying they felt the shakes as well.

Coverage you can count on continues with many in the CSRA feeling the Earth move below their feet. Around the epicenter of the quake, lights were still on and everyone was working as if nothing had happened.

“So when I was in the back, I was back there trying to get me another shirt on because it got a little hot. So I just felt a *noise* shake and a jar like that,” said Eugene Gunter, lives in Augusta.

“Just like a tremble you know a shaky shake, but not too bad it wasn’t too bad at all,” said Elaine Wilson, lives in Augusta.

“Just felt the house shaking, woke me up out of my sleep,” said Joshua Brown, lives in Augusta.

3 South Augusta residents in different 3 locations, all agree that the earthquake gave them a different feeling.

I didn’t know what it was until Joey my supervisor, he walked in, manager I meant, walked out the door he say you ain’t hear that shake. I said I felt it but I didn’t know exactly what it was,”  said Eugene Gunter, lives in Augusta.

“We didn’t even know it was an earthquake, we thought it was like a 18-wheeler go by the building,” said Elaine Wilson, lives in Augusta.

At the A-town wing stop on Peach Orchard and Harold people say they felt the shakes as well.

“It was pretty bad, shook a couple pictures of the walls in my house… it scared me,” said Joshua Brown, lives in Augusta.

According to the U-S Geological Survey,  a 3.2 magnitude is consider very light, but some people had a different experience

“I can compare it to somebody running into your house, like literally running a car straight though your house,” said Joshua Brown, lives in Augusta.

Many people say when it comes to preparation for things like an earthquake… days like this are unexpected.

“Georgia definitely we don’t expect to have an earthquakes but it’s something definitely to look into,”  said Joshua Brown, lives in Augusta.

“Ayy, we dont know whats coming next, that’s it, that’s it… the next one maybe bigger than this one, and we’ll know it then,” said Eugene Gunter, lives in Augusta.

The last big earthquake in our area was back on Valentine’s Day 2014. A 4.4 earthquake shook the area that night, and you’ll remember it was right after that big ice storm. So while earthquakes here are rare, they do happen occasionally.

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