Junk removal and hauling franchise helps veterans become business owners

EVANS, Ga. (WJBF)- A national franchise company dedicated to helping veterans and their families become business owners has put down roots in the CSRA.

Jdog is a junk removal and hauling business with about 200 franchises around the country. In April, two sisters and their husbands began a JDog business here in the CSRA. They say the company shares the ideals and values they experienced in the military and being able to own their business has helped keep their family together.

Sisters Melissa and Mona have the military in their blood. Their father served 23 years.

“We moved around quite a bit,” said Jdog co-owner Melissa Tobey.

Melissa served ten years and her husband 12.

Even though Mona and her husband never enlisted, they served indirectly by caring for their family members.

“When you have someone who’s in the military, whether it’s a niece, nephew, uncle, aunt, parent, your family basically serves with you,” said JDog co-owner Mona Uni. “They go through all the deployments with you. You know, you don’t have that family time. You miss all those special occasions. You miss a lot of things.”

Originally from California, they settled down in Evans when Melissa’s husband found work at Plant Vogtle.

“But then we came out here and we fell in love, just fell in love, absolutely fell in love with Evans and the Augusta area and the CSRA,” she said.

But when Melissa’s husband’s job started looking unstable, they worried about losing the life they had built for themselves in the CSRA.

“We kind of panicked,” she said. “And once again we were left with that…where are we going to end up?”

They learned of Jdog through a friend.

“It was just a huge blessing,” Melissa said. “We can go anywhere in the United States and do this job.”

They say that kind of freedom is so important to vets and their families.

“It means everything…and then for a lot of my brothers and sisters that served that wore the uniform, just knowing that there’s someone out there that is specifically looking out for them,” Melissa said.

They say they hope to expand and hire more veterans. They also say they try to sell some of the items they pick up and donate the money to veterans in need.

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