Back the Blue This Saturday in Grovetown

GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF)–  This weekend you have a chance to show your support for the men and women who serve us on a daily basis…and have a little fun in the process. This year’s Race for the Fallen Glow Run will benefit the late Richmond County Sergeant Greg Meagher.

“He was a great guy, a gentle giant as I’m sure you’ve heard him referred to as,” Gary Jones, Mayor of Grovetown said.

The 5K Glow Race For the Fallen will be held in Grovetown for the first time this weekend. Mayor Gary Jones served in law enforcement for more than three decades and says this event hits close to home.

“I think it’s good for the public to come out and show support for law enforcement people, let them know they’re behind them, and they’re willing to be there with them. I mean, they don’t make money for what they do. They do it because it’s a calling,” Mayor Jones said.

The Police Benevolent Association provides counseling and seminars for officers to cope with hardships that come with serving. It also helps families when a loved one dies in the line of duty.

“The association and foundation decided to raise money and pay the families a one time payment of a year’s salary to the beneficiary of the fallen member. This is one of the events that we raise that money with,” Patrick Cullinan with Police Benevolent said.

Cullinan said Sgt. Greg Meagher’s family received that money, and they will be at the 5K to honor their fallen hero.

“Let’s face it, law enforcement is not the most beloved organization anymore. You know, some of the law enforcement may do something wrong, and it affects all of us, but than again, people are always judging what police officers do,” Mayor Jones admitted.

Organizers said even if you don’t want to walk or run the race, just coming out with your family to show support will speak volumes.

“I think it’s going to give them a big boost, help build their morale, make them see that the community as a whole supports and stands by them. Grovetown does. We support all law enforcement, and we want the people to know that,” Mayor Jones concluded.

Everything you need to know is on their website: You can also visit their Facebook page “Race for the Fallen”

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