City rats are taking out the garbage

Photo Courtesy: WABC

CROWN HEIGHTS, BROOKLYN (WABC) – A moving trash bag stopped a New York City woman in her tracks last week, prompting her to get out a camera and start rolling on what would certainly be a bizarre sight.

Leigh Conner said the ordeal happened at about 6:30 a.m. last Thursday on Dean Street between Brooklyn Avenue and Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

“I was getting on my bike and saw a trash bag moving, seemingly on its own,” Conner said. “When I saw that it was being moved by a rat I started filming.”

The video, which she titled “Pizza rat strikes again!” and can be seen in the player below, shows it all happen — a large rat drags the trash bag across the sidewalk.

When it can go no farther, the rat grabs what appears to be a pizza (or other round food) and goes into a hole in the ground.

“After standing there for a minute with my jaw dropped, I realized I had to film it,” Conner said. “It was funny, because I had a conversation about pizza rat just the night before, making it an especially strange sighting.”

The man who owns the nearby house where the rat went underground said rats are a huge problem in the area. He said he patched up that particular hole Monday morning.

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