Governor Henry McMaster stops in Aiken to talk education and slashing regulations that’s stunting business

AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – On Friday, Governor Henry McMaster stopped through Aiken to talk new-age education and jobs in South Carolina.

“I am tired of hearing people say we are a small poor state and we cannot get anything done,” McMaster said.

In front of dozens of Aiken’s small businesses owners and leaders, Governor Henry McMaster urged the community to dream big.

“They say the only shame is low is low aim,” said McMaster. “If you can imagine it, you can accomplish it.”

The states 117th Governor says South Carolina is a model for the vast success it’s had with technical colleges and apprenticeship programs.

It’s his hope to end the skilled-worker gap.

So employers, like B.M.W. and Mercedes-Benz, can fill the nearly 60,000 available jobs in the Palmetto State, that range from data analytics to welding.

“Technical maintenance people have turned in their toolboxes for what? For laptops.” McMaster said.

Still the key to employing South Carolinians is supporting the mom and pop business.

“It’s those kinds of regulations within Department of Health and Environmental Control that cause small businesses or innovative businesses to actually just go really I have to put a $6,500 dollar water fountain in, when I can get a $150 dollar jug service station.” Small Business Owner Jane Thompson said.

McMaster says he strongly supports slashing legislation that’s stunting business in the Palmetto State and he won’t stop until he sees it through.

“My mission, as I see it, is to do everything I can to see to it. That the regulations are out-of-the-way, only those that are necessary.” McMaster said. “Get rid of those that hinder growth, unless they have some good purpose that outweighs the instruction that they have and to keep taxes as low, low, low as possible.”

Governor McMaster says he’s going to take what he learned back to the state capital and start making necessary changes.

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