South Carolina Governor to meet with small business owners in Aiken

AIKEN, Sc. WJBF)- South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster will be meeting with the Aiken Chamber of commerce to host a Main Street Business Roundtable Meeting on Friday. The Governor will sit down with about 80 small business owners to hear their concerns and to discuss the regulations impacting them. His goal is to see how he can lesson the regulations for small businesses across the State. David Jameson, President of the Aiken Chamber says this is a great opportunity for business owners to share their ideas in a more intimate setting with the Governor.

“The Governor will make some opening comments but then he really wants to have a conversation, he wants to hear from business owners about what they’re impacted by that the state could change to make it easier to do business,” McMaster says.

Earlier this week the Governor met with the Myrtle Beach  Chamber of Commerce and will continue touring the state to meet with business leaders. Jameson says there could also be some discussion about the Aiken revitalization project as well.

“He will take what he’s heard particularly the common themes that he hears from each community and I would guess that when the General assembly opens there will be a legislative package, a piece of legislation that deals with cleaning up some of these regulations that are prohibitive to businesses,” McMaster told WJBF NewsChannel 6.

The meeting is invite-only and will be held at the City of Aiken Municipal Building, 214 Park Avenue, starting at 10 AM. Following the meeting he will head over to Newberry Hall at 11:45 a.m. for the Aiken Republican Club Luncheon. He will wrap up his visit in Aiken with a visit to BAE systems at 1:30 p.m.



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