Twin Peaks employees inside during arson attack describe what happened

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – An attack at Twin Peaks restaurant leaving its employees without jobs, but two of them tell NewsChannel 6 are thankful they escaped with their lives.

Employees Breanna Testino and Kailin Clark say they were talking toward the front of the building when the suspect rammed through the front doors in a truck.

“And the guy comes in and hits both double doors through, and backs up…backs up and then comes back in again.”

One thought went through their minds: run

“I was just scared. I was scared that I was going to get shot at people I was in uniform, I wasn’t sure if he was looking for someone who was, that worked at Twin Peaks, a manager, or what.”

Breanna says she watched what he did next from the Chili’s next door.

“I ran through the emergency exit by the bathrooms and came over here to Chili’s and was standing in the window a nd we saw him get out of his vehicle and throw five gallon buckets of gas and he threw propane tanks wrapped up in cloth in there.  And the lobby blew up.”

The Sheriff’s Office has identified that man as 45-year-old Roland Evan Croyle. They took him into custody shortly after the incident around 1 p.m.

They say an armed bystander held him at gunpoint until the authorities arrived.

Breanna and Kaitlin tell me Croyle was a former Twin Peaks employee. They say he was fired from his job as a bar-back and busser about a year ago.

They say his ex-wife was also a Twin Peaks employee at one time, but it has been about a year since either of them worked there.

“Someone told me that whenever he was going to leave the place, that he was going to blow up the place eventually. So I guess he did. He chose today.”

Croyle is facing arson charges.

A spokesperson for the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office says Evan Rolland is charged with arson.

Investigators believe Rolland crashed his vehicle into the building, then set the building on fire.

Augusta’s Goodwill is offering assistance to workers who won’t have jobs due to the fire. If you work at Twin Peaks and you need help finding another job, you can call the Goodwill Job Connection at 706-447-5195. Or you can stop by their office at 3179 Washington Road.

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