Cleanup ad campaign starts downtown

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF A new campaign is underway to clean up downtown Augusta.Posters are going up at downtown businesses with the slogan no excuses,

The idea is to prod people to use the trash cans in the area to fight littering,

Operation Clean City is the group behind the effort and it’s using the posters in local businesses to spread the word.

“Sometimes I think we get in the habit of just not seeing and so a public awareness campaign maybe gives people new eyes to see with maybe they’ll start noticing those trash cans maybe they’ll start thinking hey if I throw this cigarette butt on the ground it’s going to wash out into the river and pollute out environment,” said David Hutchison, owner of The Book Tavern.

Hutchison says the Downtown advisory panel met with the group today to work on helping Operation Clean City become a registered non profit. this could help the group land grants to pay for its clean up efforts

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