Exclusive video of man setting Twin Peaks on fire, tackled by private citizen with gun

Cell phone footage captures moment before fire breaks out at Twin Peaks.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – We now have video of Twin Peaks moments before it went up in flames. The man accused of starting the fire is seen right at the front door right before it all happened.

Twin Peaks is boarded up another day and out of business. That means people are out of work too. As investigators and many customers try to piece together why this happened, we want to show you more from that day.

The voice of Erin Sherrill could be heard on the cell phone footage.

“This guy is trying to (bleep) light Twin Peaks on (bleep) fire yall.”

Before cameras captured the flames and smoke atop Twin Peaks restaurant Monday afternoon there was cell phone video captured by someone nearby. Erin Sherrill shot the incident. The man seen walking from the blue SUV in the footage is believed to be 45-year-old Roland Evan Croyle. A propane tank reportedly in his hands being walked inside.

“Don’t shoot he’ll blow up,” Sherrill said responding to what she saw.

And then a loud bang and Sherrill takes off.

“I think dude just shot him,” she yelled.

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office reported Croyle poured gasoline inside the restaurant after ramming his vehicle in the front entrance and set the place on fire. He was charged with one court of arson and four counts of aggravated assault.

Sherrill’s video concludes with an armed private citizen, who wants to remain anonymous, taking over after that loud bang, making contact with Croyle, and  tackling the shirtless man to the ground before a Richmond County Sheriff’s deputy arrived and arrest Croyle. As the men apprehend him, the fire is growing inside the sports bar.

NewsChannel 6 spoke with the Twin Peaks GM who said more will be known about the future of the business later this week.

To watch the complete video, see below.

Video Courtesy: Erin Sherrill


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