Full breakdown from the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office leading to Deputy Cooke’s death

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Warrants released this week, with permission of a Richmond County Judge and the G-B-I, are giving us a more clear picture of what investigators say happened when Deputy Cooke was shot and killed on June 15th.

We searched through 23 pages of warrants and affidavits that show what investigators believe is the timeline that lead to Cooke’s death.

Those warrants state that sometime between June 13th and June 15th, Stevie Caldwell, gave his son, Na’eem Caldwell a gun that was used to murder Deputy Cooke. Those warrants also accuse Na’eem Caldwell of shooting Deputy Cooke several times with that gun.

Based on that, Na’eem Caldwell is facing murder and aggravated assault charges.


Na’eem Caldwell was also charged with armed robbery because, according to the warrants, he, with intent of committing theft, took Deputy Cooke’s service pistol by use of offensive weapon.

The warrants say Donelle Osborne, Junior is also charged with murder because he was with Na’eem Caldwell when Cooke was shot. They say he “unlawfully and with malice aforethought cause the death of Gregory Cook.

Osborne was also charged with aggravated assault an armed robbery.

The warrants show Stevie Caldwell is charged with tampering with evidence, because he tried to protect Na’eem Caldwell by hiding evidence by placing shell casings in a road drainage system.

Nikeya Reeves, Neqwaun Roberson and Demerius Hunter are charged with hindering the apprehension of a criminal, because, according to those warrants, they knew or had reasonable grounds to believe that both Na’eem Caldwell and Donelle Osborne had committed a felony when they murdered Gregory Cooke. The warrants state that Reeves drove Na’eem Caldwell and Donelle Osborne from Richmond County to Burke County, and that Roberson and Hunter were also in the vehicle.

All five of the people in that vehicle were arrested in Burke County, about an hour after Cooke was shot.
Stevie Caldwell was arrested the next day.
NewsChannel 6 will continue to follow this case, and let you know what happens to those six suspects.

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