Grill safety tips to keep your family safe during the holidays

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- With the 4th of July holiday just a few days away, many of you may be firing up that grill for some outdoor cookouts. Before preparing to cook some of those delicious burgers and hot dogs you must first understand the type of grill you’re using whether it’s propane or charcoal.

From there its easier to determine how to operate the grill and what to check for to make sure its working properly.

Propane and charcoal BBQ grills should only be used outdoors. Before cooking always make sure your grill is clean by removing grease or fat buildup in the trays below. To avoid a home fire Lt. Carlton Bradley with the Augusta fire department says the location of your grill is also important.

“Don’t cook in a garage, make sure that the grill is out away from the garage and make sure there’s three feet of clearance around it. Don’t place them under awnings or under trees and stuff like that. So  no low hanging branches on the patio or on wood decks make sure the grill is away from those areas,” Bradley says.

When finished cooking make sure everything is turned off and if you’re using charcoal make sure those are disposed properly. In the event there is a fire Bradley says always keep a fire extinguisher nearby. If you’re unable to put out the flames immediately call 911.



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