GA: New law to require ignition lock device for first-time DUI offenders

GEORGIA (WJBF) – The state of Georgia is working to keep drunk drivers off the roads.

Starting July first, a new law goes into effect that will require some first-time DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicles.

Those are the devices that require you to blow in them before you can start your car, to make sure you’re not under the influence.

This afternoon, state leaders and the national president of Mother’s Against Drunk Driving stopped in Augusta to talk about the impacts of the new law.

“We know, statistically, that a person commits the offense of DUI 80 times before they’re actually caught,” says Col. Mark McDonough of the GSP. “Now, think about that. That’s consistent behavior that’s been going on before they get caught.”

Colonel McDonough says the devices and the threat of them will hopefully cause potential drunk drivers to think twice before they get behind the wheel.

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