Paine’s new President would welcome city financial help

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Commissioner Bill Fennoy Paine College Alum, said he wanted his colleagues to hear from Paine’s new president, even if the talk was about giving Paine money.

“He can ask but I think it’s going to be left up to six commissioners at least six commissioners to decide whether the city will give Paine any money or not,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

Doctor Jerry Hardee told commissioners he had some ambitions fund raising goals seven million dollars from the private sector in small and large  donations, he didn’t ask the  commission for any cash but said he would like that in the future.

“Oh absolutely there aren’t many things that are more important that are more important to an institution like Paine College then be on good financial footing one of the first things I need to do is get that done and any help I can get from the commission would be appreciated,” said Doctor Jerry Hardee.

Doctor Hardee  though will face a head wind.

“It was good of him to come nice to meet him let’s see what you plan to do,” said Commissioner Grady Smith.

“Could you support right now giving money to Paine College?

“Not right now,” said Smith.

“Of course we want to have that partnership with them but not necessarily city finances,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis.

‘Being that Paine College do add to our economy quite a bit I could understand some type of assistance coming from our local government,”: said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“We fully support them as a body we just can’t support them financially,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

You could not support that?”

Oh no absolutely not,” said Frantom.

Doctor Hardee says Paine has a lot of project needs and he would like the city’s help with as well as a financial contribution I asked him does he have a time line on when he would like to see the city’s help he said six months.

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