He’s in a wheelchair, but Tim Lee said now, he’s in God’s Will

EVANS, Ga. (WJBF)–  A special guest at Abilene Baptist Church in Evans Sunday morning. Tim Lee, a marine turned Evangelist, spoke to the congregation.

“I was raised in a preacher’s home. I got out of the will of God, ended up in Vietnam running from God,” Tim Lee said.

He’s in a wheelchair, but Tim Lee said now, he’s in God’s Will. March 8th, 1971, he said, is the day his new life began.

“I was leading my men on a mine sweep, and at 1:30 in the afternoon, I stepped on a sixty pound mine. I should have been killed. It blew both of my legs off, but God let me live. God spared my life,” Lee shared.

He said before he stepped on that explosive, he hadn’t prayed in years. Unsure if he would live, Lee said he told God he would follow His will in life if he could just make it out alive.

“Thirteen major operations, eight months in the hospital, but today I criss-cross America preaching the gospel, spreading the Good News. God had a plan for my life,” Lee said.

He said his time fighting for America served a purpose. After going to war, Lee said Independence Day means more now than ever. It’s one of the most significant days in history, he explained.

“In the course of nations, we’re a relatively young country. A lot of countries are one thousand, two thousand, three thousand years old. We’re very young, but still the greatest country on the face of the earth,” Lee said.

He said America is the success it is today because our forefathers laid a strong foundation with the Declaration of Independence and later on, the Constitution.

“I just wish everybody a Happy Independence Day. Celebrate America. Don’t be afraid to wave that flag,” Lee ended.

For information about Tim Lee and his ministries, visit: http://www.timlee.org/

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