CSRA residents talk what Independence Day means to them

Augusta, GA (WJBF) – From Independence Day to Fourth of July, the holiday takes on different names depending on who you speak to.We spoke with a few people who shares their thoughts on what the holiday means to them.

The holiday’s meaning is spread across the board as people are either celebrating with fireworks and family, or appreciating the birth of a free nation for Americans.
The 4th of July is so much more than just a day on the calendar. It’s a chance to celebrate the USA, with family, friends, and food.

“Normally we have like a BBQ and we eat and everything, kinda just get together and all that good stuff,” said Katy Vandegrift.

“It’s just a fun day for a good grill out and firework show, like I said just a fun time to hangout with family and friends and celebrate our great nation,” said Frank Townsend.

But if you look beyond the celebrations, past the parties, you’ll see that the 4th packs a powerful punch, when it comes to what freedom really means.

“Living in America, is like the best, like really, it really is that we have that freedom, most people don’t get that and a lot of people take that for granted,” said Lindsey Guy.

“It’s enjoying the freedom that have been given to us by our forefathers and those that have fought in the wars you know, because freedom isn’t free. There’s a price for that freedom,” Skip Playford, Manager at Whacky Waynes.

“It’s good to celebrate that and know what our country stands for, freedom and everything,” Katy Vandegrift.

“We have a lot of opportunity here, a lot of freedoms so. The fourth is just a great day to celebrate that fact that we are so fortunate to live in a country where we get to do these kinds of things,” said Frank Townsend.

The 4th of July—a time to pay tribute to those who fought for our freedom, honor those who are still on the front lines, and have a lot of fun while we’re at it.

“We just gotta be thankful for what we have here in America,” said Frank Townsend.


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