Augusta’s annual July 4th celebration

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– The sky was bright in downtown Augusta for the July 4th celebration.

Patriots at the Common all agreed on one thing: “I had some Korean BBQ, just down the corner, it was great. A little rice, awesome,” Assiel Conde, a celebrator, said.

Food vendors line the sidewalks around the Augusta Common on this day every year.  Independence Day means many things to people– but at every celebration, there’s bound to be food. This is the sixth year that Rayz Concessions has set up shop in the Common.

“I got the Polish sausage. Those are my number one sellers. I also have the funnel cakes, fries, chili cheese fries, loaded fires and drinks– cold drinks for the hot day,” Raymond Bryant, Owner of Rayz Concession, explained.

And hot it was. Fred Garnett said he’s been bringing his family to the celebration for more than a decade. On a hot day, he said he makes sure his kids stay hydrated.

“We are actually about to go over and get some icees, some Italian ice, so they can cool off, then go home and cookout and head back downtown for the fireworks,” Garnett said.

The sky in Augusta lights up when the sun goes down.

Assiel Conde, a soldier who fights for America’s freedom, said this is his first Independence Day in the Garden City.

“Really the fireworks and all the people around here. I’m new to the area, so it’s nice to see all the Southern comfort and the welcoming hospitality,” Conde said.

“I’m looking forward to getting them tired. But they’re looking forward to the fireworks and stuff like that,” Garnett said.

The food and fireworks are great, but above all, Conde said July 4th is much more than a day off of work: “So to me, it’s the celebration of our freedom and our democracy. Basically celebrating the fact that so many men and women in the armed forces give their lives so that we all can enjoy that freedom– that basic freedom,” Conde explained.

Remember, if you’re lighting off fireworks yourself in Georgia, the cut off time is midnight.

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