Women-only ride service competes with Uber and Lyft

(WJBF) – Ridesharing service companies like Uber are becoming the norm for public transportation. However for some passengers, a fear for their safety with ride-share services is starting to become a major concern.

Uber has been under the magnifying lens lately, due to customers accusing drivers of sexual harassment or assault. Recently a woman in Buckhead, Ga. claims she was sexually assaulted by an unidentified man posing as an Uber driver. Allegations like this are causing many to question what these companies are doing to ensure the safety of their female riders.

Former Uber driver, Michael Pelletz of Boston has created a ridesharing service that will only cater to women. “Safr” is service solely dedicated to female passengers and drivers. The company’s primary objective is to redefine ridesharing for women, while protecting passengers and drivers from being harmed.

To guarantee safe transportation, Safr drivers and passengers are assigned a color for each ride. The colors assigned must be verified by both the driver and passenger before starting the ride. This is meant to ensure the driver is picking up the correct passenger. Safr is also distinguishing themselves from their competition by requiring all drivers to be personally examined through an in-person interview and driving session. Drivers also take bystander awareness and ride safety training sessions.

The ridesharing company is currently located in Boston, however they are working on expanding their services nationwide.

If you know anybody who has been a victim of sexual assault, AU Medical Center has a hotline and center for victims. You can call them at 706-724-5200. The center is located at 1350 Walton Way.

Center Crisis Specialist, Zariana Bergdors says, ”It is a crisis call like counseling, we make sure a person has a place to stay.”

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