Your Car Is An Oven During The Summer

On a hot July day, Meteorologist Micah Rumsey showed that your car can become a literal oven by baking pizza and cookies on his dashboard.  Beyond making some good food, it’s a serious warning against leaving your kids or pets in the car with such dangerous temperatures.  Below is the transcript from his story:

“It is a hot, humid day across the CSRA and it is not a day you want to be outside. It is gross, but more importantly, it’s not a day you want to be in the car. You do not want to leave a kid in the car. You do not want to leave a pet in the car. Because even with the windows cracked, it can be blazing hot like an oven, and that’s not an exaggeration. When it is this hot outside right now around the noon hour, we’re looking at temperatures in the low 90s. We’re seeing heat index values up near the triple digits. Inside the car right now, you know what the thermometer reads? Between 160 and 170, and that’s almost double the actual temperature. So, we’re baking cookies and pizza inside my car on the dashboard to prove how hot it’s going to be.

Well, we’ve moved our way a few hours into the afternoon and approaching the four o’clock hour. The maximum temperature I’ve seen us get to is about 190 degrees. That’s not an exaggeration. Your car can get up to 190 degrees. I’m going to go ahead and pull out some of these things so you can take a closer look. Here is the pizza and that is completely done, I’ll put that on the hood of the car there. And, we’re going to go ahead and go inside and take a taste test because it’s way too hot, so a little TV magic and fast forward. We’re going to taste these things.

And now the moment of truth, how do things taste? Well, I have a slice of pizza right here. It’s a little soft on the bottom. It’s not going to be that crispy but…that’s still good pizza. Like, I’ll definitely eat that. So now, the cookie…it’s a little gooey on the bottom but…absolutely fantastic.

The key thing here to remember is your car literally becomes like an oven when it’s this hot so please don’t leave a child or a pet in the car because you wouldn’t leave them in an oven either, right? And also, to address any quick concerns, temperatures in the car got up above 190 degrees. That’s enough to kill any E. coli, salmonella, listeria, so it’s safe to do as long as that temperature gets up above about 165 degrees, but maybe something you can give a try. Once again, keep those kids and pets safe. Don’t leave anyone in a car. I’m Meteorologist Micah Rumsey.”

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