New silent soccer rule causes stir amongst parents

South Carolina (WJBF) – A new rule in South Carolina will require soccer parents to be silent on the sidelines during the upcoming season. The youth Soccer association has implemented silent September that would no longer permit cheering for players on the sidelines. It’s a first for youth soccer associations across the country. It comes after numerous problems with spectators yelling at the referees and disturbing players during the games.

Burns Davison a Board Member of the SC Youth Soccer Association says it’s a short term fix to hopefully rework the way the game is watched.

“All of this allows a reset, what kind of positive cheering can be expected, what things are best interpreted by our youth players, what’s best for the kids,” Davison says.

The rule will use a common sense approach so that it’s not an uncomfortable silence where you could clap when a goal is scored. Davison says the associations hope is for the games focus to be brought back to the kids and better etiquette is presented.

“Parents will see that kids are not distracted without yelling and coaching from the sideline things beyond good positive reinforcement the players will be focused on playing soccer.” Davison told NewsChannel 6.

In the past when spectators were causing trouble they could face suspension and if the game was abandoned it would cost the soccer club money.


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