State Senator Jesse Stone speaks to Richmond County Republican Party

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)–  Georgia lawmakers are talking about the success they had during this year’s legislative session. The Richmond County Republican Party met Saturday morning to discuss issues the Peach State is facing for next year. Senator Jesse Stone addressed some of the questions that voters have.

The Richmond County Republican Party had many concerns at Saturday morning’s breakfast– Education being the top. State Senator Jesse Stone said by one estimate, there are 19 failing schools in Richmond county, but it could be as high as 21.

“I think everyone is concerned about the schools in Richmond County, and how that effects our ability to recruit industry,” Senator Stone said.

Augusta is on its way to becoming the hub for cyber security.  Paul Sterett, Chairman for the Richmond County Republican Party, said thousands will soon be moving to Augusta, so the education system needs to be one we are proud of.

“For Richmond County, we do a lot of things well, but the things we don’t do well are pretty glaring, and it’s our education. We have a lot of failing schools,” Sterett explained.

Senator Stone said a bill was passed this year that will allow the State Board of Education to assign “turn around” coaches to failing schools.

“These coaches will have powers to make changes, to work with local officials to improve areas that need work,” Senator Stone explained.

He said the state government is taking tremendous steps to improve Georgia’s education system. As far as healthcare, Senator Stone can only speak for what’s being done in the Peach State.

“Everyone is anxious about what is going to come out of Washington. I tried to describe some of the things we did in Atlanta that impacts healthcare, particularly rural healthcare and rural hospitals,” Stone said.

Senator Stone described the expansion of tax credits and grants to rural hospitals.

“We also expanded access to certain treatments or medical services,” Senator Stone explained.

The next Richmond County Republican Party meeting will be in August. Sterett said Congressman Rick Allen is scheduled to speak.

The Richmond County Democratic Party meets the second Wednesday of every month.

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