Candy containing pot ingredient sickens teenagers

Marijuana Leaf drugs graphic

(La Porte County, Indiana)


An investigation is underway in Indiana after officers responded to a call about a teenager in trouble.

“They found a teenager that was in some medical distress,” says Captain Michael Kellems of the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office. “He was complaining of some hallucinations, rapid heart rate, pain in his legs.”

The deputy later found out there were 10 more teenagers nearby with the same symptoms.
The culprit? Gummy bears laced with THC. That’s the main mind-altering ingredient in marijuana.

The sheriff’s office says the teenagers were 18 and 19-years-old. There were six young men and five young women. Each ate half a gummy bear before they got sick.

“You know when you put a can of coke in front of me and I know I’m going to drink 16 ounces of Coca Cola you know what’s in it,” says Captain Kellems. “When you take something that is made and manufactured in state that unfortunately allows this type of thing. You don’t know what you’re getting.”


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