Greenville internet child abuse task force arrests 16

GREENVILLE Co., S.C. (WSPA) – The Greenville Co. Sheriff’s Office and other agencies announced the results of a months-long operation aimed to stop Internet crimes against children.

While the sheriff’s office had a task force in place to investigate crimes against children, Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis increased resources soon after taking office.

The sheriff’s office had a task force in place, but there weren’t staff dedicated to Internet crimes.

A new team of five investigators has been working to clear a back log of cases.

The Julie Valentine Center is also working directly with the sheriff’s office to assist with investigations and help victims.

Shauna Galloway-Williams, executive director of the Julie Valentine Center, says each arrest by the task force impacts the entire community.

“Most of those offenders didn’t just have one victim, they likely had multiple victims. There probably wasn’t just one image or one child, there were multiple times and so to think about the exponential harm that could’ve been caused and the benefit that is now brought to the community when those individuals are stopped from doing what they’re doing, you can easily see how incredibly important this task force is to our community,” Galloway-Williams said.

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