Push for more James Brown downtown

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) The James Brown statue is a tourist attraction for Mervin Lane; he brought his grand kids from Virginia to pose beside it.

“They’re always talking about James Brown you know they love him they always want to see him when they come down here,” said Lane after taking the picture.

Visitors to Augusta can see a James Brown statute, but that’s about it but some city leaders want to see a James Brown heritage trail stretching from Laney Walker to Reynolds Street in the Eighth and Ninth Street areas.

“If we did a heritage walk or something in that area along with a couple of other statues along with some LP albums some gold albums that was encased in the concrete people would come from all over man it’s more money than we could ever count,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

:Another proposal for James Brown Boulevard would paint images of records on the sidewalk listing Browns hit songs sort of like the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Clarence Lewis was walking on James Brown boulevard we wanted to know how he felt about having to side step images of James Browns hits.

“Oh I think it’s a wonderful idea wonderful idea James Brown has been doing it along time here just a wonderful idea,” said Lewis.

There are no records painted on James Brown boulevard now but there is this planter that’s been poorly maintained, how well would the city maintain the project if approved, and how much would it cost.

“When people ask about cost I want to know how much money the city wants to make because the more money you put into the more money the city is going to make,” said Commissioner Williams.

Tuesday the Administrative Services Committee will also consider creating a permanent James Brown display in the gate area at Augusta Regional Airport, the would include relocating the current James Brown exhibit in the lobby at the airport.

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