Augusta GreenJackets selling more 2018 season tickets than expected

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) — The Augusta GreenJackets are exceeding expectations in ticket sales for the 2018 season.

Construction is underway on the new baseball stadium for the minor league baseball team.

The ballpark is one piece of a $200 million development in North Augusta called Riverside Village.

Things are really moving on the North Augusta Riverfront and according to the Augusta GreenJackets, tickets are moving as well.

“We sold out of VIP Loge seats last week. We have the whole stadium and 25% of it is sold. We already have more full season ticket holders in the new stadium then we currently do now,” GreenJackets VP Tom Denlinger said.

Second-level suites are also sold out, as it was announced during the groundbreaking ceremony for Riverside Village in May.

The website gives fans a virtual tour of the new stadium and allows them to pick their seats.

The site — clearly boosting sales.

“There’s an excitement throughout the CSRA. Obviously, this is a celebration year of Lake Olmstead Stadium and we’ve been fortunate our attendance numbers have been on the rise from where we were in years past. I think that’s part of the celebration of this venue and baseball being here for so long. But there’s been an anticipation of the new stadium for many years and now it’s coming to fruition,” Denlinger said.

The VP says there are still plenty of season tickets available.

1st Base Club Seats are selling fast though and 3rd Base Club will be going on sale soon.

“Every section is a different tier. They have different amenities. Different comfort. It goes anything from just a regular reserve box seat to club area, which has an air-conditioned space a seat with cup holders,” Denlinger said.

And if you think all the bells and whistles means ticket prices will be higher for individual games, Denlinger says that’s not the case.

“We are family affordable entertainment. That’s what minor league baseball is. There are ticket prices that are basically the same as we have at Lake Olmstead Stadium all the way to obviously, when you get to the club level, it’s a little more expensive, but we don’t have those amenities here at Lake Olmstead,” Denlinger said.

If you’re not interested in season tickets, don’t worry. You’ll be able to show up at the box office on any given day to purchase tickets for just a few bucks.

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