Leaders not waiting for other plans before moving on James Brown proposal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) A single statue is not enough for some city leaders when it comes to show casing James Brown to draw people to Augusta.

“It ought to be a no-brainier it don’t take no rocket scientist to figure this out it ought to be something everybody is wrapping their arms around,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

What commissioner Williams and Mayor Davis are wrapping their arms around is the James Brown Heritage Trail.

Establishing the corridor is an extremely important step I applaud the commission for being willing to do that yesterday was a day for us to work together,” said Mayor Davis.

But how would the Heritage Trail fit with other plans to bring people downtown?

The CVB has its Destination Blue Print there’s the Arts Council’s master-plan with many parts focusing on downtown.

But these groups were not consulted before the committee said yes to create the Heritage Trail.

“The Mayor and my Commissioner Williams just put these items on the agenda without having any discussion with CVB DDA airport it’s disrespectful I’m disappointed in that,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

“Those stake holders were not brought in beforehand you sort of put this on top of them.”

“That’s absolutely correct,” said Mayor Davis.

“We’re not trying to get ahead of the CVB we’re not trying to get a head of Brenda Durant we’re the ones who are supposed to be leading we’re not supposed to be following somebody else.

“This is not one the mayor and commissioner Williams attempt to say that doesn’t matter anymore but rather but here is what we want to do first,” said Mayor Davis.

This is just the first step there’s no budget no design plan for the Heritage trail, no final budget, but the mayor is talking about grant funding including Community Development Block Grants.

The full commission will get the say on final approval next week.

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