Storm water causes a pour of problems

Augusta, GA (WJBF) –  Coverage you can count on begins with flooding after heavy rain Tuesday night. One viewer posted pictures on our Facebook page to show us how bad it was at his home.

The Kirk family was not happy when they were forced to clean up the water that was coming inside their home. And they say they don’t understand why they’re paying a storm water fee, when they say there are no storm drains in sight.

“I pay for it, for the service of the storm water and there’s nothing out here, there’s no storm water theirs no place for the water to go,” said James Kirk, affected by storm water.

James Kirk and his family say they have been renting their home for almost a year and they’ve never seen as much water as they did last night.

“The storm that we had and every time it rains at least an hour with a good down pour the water comes up to the house,” said James Kirk, affected by storm water.

But he says this time it came through the back door of his home.

“It pretty much floods the whole street, my yard, the neighbor’s yard,” James Kirk, affected by storm water.

Kirk added that he pays a fee like everyone else in his neighbor that he says shouldn’t be there because they don’t have a storm water drain on their road.

“Except for up there at the main road, which back here it don’t take good care of it,” James Kirk, affected by storm water.

Other residents in this area did not want to go on camera, but they want this issue resolved, because next time could be worse.

“As much water as we got, if they put in a couple of storm drains, which they should have, which I’m paying for and I’m pretty sure everybody else on this street is paying for you know there should be something here. I mean if they’re getting that money, then where is all that money going for a service that we’re not even getting,” James Kirk, affected by storm water.

In 2015, the city approved a $4.5 million dollar project to fix and build new drainage in this area. Commissioner Bill Fennoy, who represents Marion Homes, says that project should start by the end of the summer.

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