Evans prepares to get on ice this holiday season

Ice skating rink set for Evans Towne Center Park.

EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – Head outside to any park and you will more than likely see kids playing in the water.  But a new attraction is sure to have people ready to ditch summertime for winter fun.

Chris Boerner and her husband Mike are the developer of the new attraction called Evans on Ice.

“A place to come together as a community and build memories and traditions to grow and last forever,” she said.

Kids already enjoy summertime fun at Evans Towne Center Park. But starting this November, those same kids and everyone else can grab a pair of skates and get on ice.

“You’re going to see a real outdoor ice skating rink in the circle behind those trees right there,” Boerner described while pointing to the area near Lady A. “And so you’re going to be able to with your family and friends.”

It’s Georgia, but yes there will be ice skating. Chris Boerner and her husband Mike are new to the CSRA. They have two small children and came up with the idea after talking with friends.

“It turned out some friends were going all the way to Savannah to go ice skating. We kind of looked at each other and said wait a minute you can’t do that here? That’s just what you do at the holidays,” she exclaimed.

Fast forward to now and the Boerner family is set to open Evans on Ice at Evans Towne Center Park a week before Thanksgiving. The 50 day event will include ten main attractions, including the ice skating rink, an ice slide, polar express train ride and photos with Santa. It’s holiday fun many families are already looking forward to.

Allena Harris, who was spending time at the park, agreed.

“I think it brings the southern tradition of Christmas back,” she said. “Because we don’t have snow, so as far as ice skating, that’s a very popular tradition up north, so it kind of brings the Christmas tradition back.”

Brittany Grimes is a mother of a young child and she’s expecting too.  She is also looking forward to Evans on Ice.

“You know, they’re always doing stuff in the summer time with like different shows and putting on performances and stuff, it’d be nice to have something to come out and still have a reason to get out here in the winter, when it’s kind of off season,” Grimes said.

And with the CSRA’s only ice rink shutting down and converting to an indoor activity center, Evans on Ice is sure to be a treat.

“That was kind of a winter tradition that families could go and do and with that not being here anymore, I think it would be nice to have something to take the kids to and you know, you can make a day of it,” she explained. “We’ll go see Santa, go ice skating, I think it’d be really neat. I know she’d love it.”

Evans on Ice is set to kick off in November and go through the first week of January.

General admission will be free, but guests will pay for attractions and concessions once inside.  Boerner said they are still finalizing prices, but a day pass should be around $20 and a season pass should run around $50.  Her goal is to make sure that not only the community comes together, but that the CSRA is a destination spot too.

And parents, it will also include a beer and wine garden.

Evans on Ice already passed the Columbia County Commission, but now the Boerner family is seeking sponsors.  The highest level is $50,000, which includes 100 activity passes and the lowest level is $500, which includes 10 activity passes.

You can find Evans on Ice on Facebook here.

Photojournalist: Mark Gaskins

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