Liquor license for downtown grocery store sees opposition

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA.Ga (WJBF) An alcohol license request is creating a problem for some at  a downtown apartment

The soon to open Greene Street Grocery is leasing a space at Maxwell House apartments

The store wants to get a city license to sell beer and wine.

But some residents against it saying though they want the store they don’t want to see alcohol sales coming with it

“We have enough problems here with people who are love income they have drug and alcohol problems and health issues and all that and watch the first of the month here what we go through here police here and everything it’s also going to draw people from outside that we have a problem with just not a good idea,” said Maxwell House resident Walter Miller.

The full commission is scheduled to vote next week on the license,

City inspectors say the store meets all distance requirements from schools and churches to get the license.  however commissioners can reject the application if they believe it would have an adverse effect on the neighbors.

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