J.D. Paugh Foundation donates equipment to Richmond County Marshals

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– RIchmond County marshals are now better equipped to safely serve the community. The J.D. Paugh Memorial Foundation donated some much-needed equipment to deputies today.

Sixty Richmond County Marshals received state-of-the-art gun holsters. The new holsters are easier to use, and most importantly, they increase safety for deputies.

Richmond County Marshals have used level two holsters for the past few years. It is considered a “level two” because two maneuvers are required to remove a firearm.

“We have budget restraints. We can only operate with so much, and we need these holsters right now. We have level two holsters. These holsters will better equip our deputies to do their job,” Marshal Ramone Lamkin of Richmond County said.

Lamkin said the new, level three holsters make it more difficult for people to take a weapon from a deputy marshal’s belt.

“It gives us a better chance of retaining our weapon. When back-up gets there and we get their advice or getting our weapon taken, and back-up not getting there in time because it was too easy for them to get the weapon. So now, you can hold them off until you get back up,” Sgt. Omar Rouse said.

The new holsters will hold the agency’s soon-to-arrive updated guns– 9 mm firearms.  Michael Cardenaz, President of the J.D. Paugh Foundation said anytime you change weapons, you have to update holsters for accommodation.

“For the street officer, yes, this is the highest level of retention and probably the most state-of-the-art design for a street officer,” Cardenaz said.

He said thee holsters cost nearly $120 each, but government agencies get a discount.

“Everybody has budget constraints, and everybody needs things more than they want them. We research it, we try to find out its cost effectiveness, find the best deal, and then we actually purchase the equipment and donate the equipment. We don’t just write a blank check to the agency,” Cardenez explained.

“Hopefully it will keep somebody else from losing their life in the line of duty. JD was an awesome guy, and this foundation is in honor of him because he was always giving, always loving,” Marshal Lamkin said.


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