Inventor seeks comeback after not making the cut on “Shark Tank”

Shark tank hopeful Yvonne Scott

Written by WJBF intern Devin Johnson: 

Philadelphia, PA– Inventor Yvonne Scott came up with the idea of a therapeutic device to ease the tension of back pain when she was involved in an auto accident. The public bus she was riding on collided with a truck. She sustained severe back issues and found herself unable to wash the lower part of her body. Tired of suffering from being in pain when she bathed, Scott decided to come up with a solution by designing The Back Leziure.

The Back Leizure is a device designed to reduce strain on the back when bathing. After creating The Back Leziure, Scott took her product to a casting call of “Shark Tank” at the Xfinity Center. But her enthusiasm turned to discouragement by the time she reached the panel; she says it was obvious they were tired from listening to others’ pitches in the line-up ahead of her.

Back Leizure inventor Yvonne Scott

“By the time it was my turn to talk with the panels, they seemed to be tired and not interested in anything I said about The Back Leizure.” Scott says she desires to come back with her invention and go directly to the show, but has yet to hear back from anyone.

In Salynn Boyles’ WebMD article, more than 100 million people suffer from chronic back pain daily. Some causes of back pain may come from auto accidents, muscle strains or sport-related injuries. However, it’s not uncommon for back pain to be self-inflicted, simply from bad health habits.

Yvonne Scott’s goal in inventing Back Leizure was to assist those, who live with temporary or permanent mobility issues, during daily bathing or physical therapy. Scott expects to have the product ready to be sold in medical and retail stores by Thanksgiving 2017. For more information on how you can get your hands on The Back Leizure, click on the link:

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