Rescue holds successful meet-and-greet of puppy Trent, dog found in dumpster covered in maggots

AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – A rescue held a meet and greet for a puppy found covered in maggots in a dumpster Friday.

Puppy Trent is recovering and people had the chance to see and interact with him.

There were a lot of smiles as folks realized the dog is doing much better.

His current caregiver says he’s a lot better.

But there are a few health issues from the abuse he experienced.

“As far as the home he’s in, it’s a 100% stable home. He is cared for around the clock, very well so the home he’s in is great,” said Saving the Chain Dogs Founder Robin Mitchell. “The biggest thing I will say is anybody out there who knows of any abuse like this let us know quickly because we need not have this happen again.”

Donations for Trent’s medical bills can be made to Saving the Chain Dogs’ Facebook page, by clicking here. 

You can meet puppy Trent on Sat., Jun 22 at 361 Furys Ferry Road in Martinez.

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