Local family in desperate need of kidneys

EVANS, Ga. (WJBF)–  Polycystic Kidney Disease runs in the Browning family’s genes and has shown up in three generations so far. This family is heartbroken over recent news. A mother and a daughter are in desperate need for kidney transplants, but since the disease runs in the family, other family members can’t help.

Doctors recently told one of them that it’s crucial to get a transplant by the end of this year.

“I just want to see Jenna Claire grow up. She wants to be a vet, so I want to see that,” Angie Moon said.

She went to the doctor in December and found out her kidney function had dropped to 25 percent. When she went back just three months later, it had dropped rapidly to 18 percent. That’s when doctors told her she needs a kidney transplant by the end of the year or she will be put on dialysis.

“I knew what my long term life would be, would be dialysis, bad kidneys, transplant, but my mom didn’t have those problems until age 65. I figured I had more time. I didn’t think I would be sitting here at 43,” Moon explained.

It all started with Angie’s grandfather. He was 62 years old and at the stage where he needed to be put on dialysis, but he passed away before that was possible.

Angie’s mom, Phyllis Browning, was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease nearly 30 years ago and has been on MCG’s transplant list for the last four years. Like her father, Phyllis said she never talked much about her need for a kidney.

“That’s kind of been my theory since ’89… to live my life as best as I can, and if it’s God’s will that I get a kidney, I’m all up for is play,” Browning said.

But that all changed when her daughter, Angie, got blood results in March. Angie said she hasn’t fulfilled everything she’s destined for here on earth, yet. She said God isn’t finished using her.

“I know his plan for me would be a living donor because a living donor’s kidney gives me 25 years without dialysis, and if I take a deceased donor, it’s only good for ten years,” Moon said.

And Angie’s daughter, Jenna Claire, said she not only hopes her mom and granny find donors, but she hopes she doesn’t have to deal with the disease and heart ache in her lifetime.

“It kind of made me feel a little worried… yes, technically worried. I want her to be at all of my performances. I would say donate if you can,” Jenna Claire said.

“If this touches your heart, and you feel like you want to donate to my mom or me, don’t hesitate, whether it’s your blood type or not,” Moon said.

Jennifer Browning, Angie’s sister, will also need a kidney at some point in the future. You can be the answer this family is so desperately praying for. Angie said you can contact the transplant locations and request to be a donor.
She explained the process is not difficult and will be completely paid for by their insurance.

If you feel compelled to donate, call the transplant centers: Phyllis is at Augusta University Medical Center: 706-721-2888. Angie is at the Medical College for South Carolina: 843-792-1594.

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