Old Law Enforcement Center not safe for visit

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) The old Law enforcement Center IS OFF LIMITS TO VISITORS, at least right now.

As we told you last week Chief Judge Carl Brown requested commissioners consider re-opening the building for Juvenile court, and to ease a shortage of other courtroom space..

This prompted Newschannel 6 to ask for a tour of the old building and were told no because of concerns of safety and potential liability.

Some commissioners say though the building has a history of leaks and mold problems it still should be looked at to see if it could  be still be used.

“I think we have to get some studies done to see how bad the mold is and maybe get some bids on how much it would cost to cleanup the building because you don’t want to just tear the building down if you have a good opportunity to making it worthwhile,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

: Commissioner Williams says a couple of years ago department directors rejected a plan to turn the old LEC into the Public Defender’s office. That office moved into the old library downtown.

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