PrettyTracker website saves time, money and keeps your makeup organized

Hannah Foerster

TELEVISION PARK–   Hannah Foerster and Ross Ball  have launched a tech company called PrettyTracker. It’s an online vanity and price tracking platform for beauty products at Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s, Walgreen’s and more.

PrettyTracker is in the Google Chrome store and the user base is gaining traction early in its operation.

PrettyTracker is an interactive new platform that saves you money on all of your favorite cosmetics from a variety of global retailers. Whether you’re a makeup maven, beauty buff, or casual connoisseur, PrettyTracker is the smart new way to be your own beautiful.

Hannah Foerster and Ross Ball are cofounders of PrettyTracker.


Hannah explains, “Whether you’re shopping on your phone or from the comfort of your desktop, we make it easy to be both frugal and fabulous. My business partner, Ross,  and I were raised in the Augusta area, and we wanted to share our startup story there. PrettyTracker is like your virtual vanity. It’s designed to help you save money and time, and get organized.”

Just go to to sign up.

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