Firefighter’s home, cars destroyed in flood

Firefighter's home, cars destroyed in flood
Firefighter's home, cars destroyed in flood

MARTINEZ, Ga. (WJBF) – A house on a quiet cul-de-sac turned into a death trap in a matter of minutes during heavy rains in Columbia County Wednesday afternoon. Water rushed down Harden Court, picked up cars in the drive way, pulled a house off its foundation, and pushed a shed back several feet.

Homeowner Randy Reese was inside, watching TV with his wife and daughter when the flood hit.

“I knew we had to get out of there,” he said. “I work for the fire department in Augusta, so I just got a plan, made sure I had a way out to get my wife and them safely out.”

It was perhaps the most important rescue of his career.

“I got my daughter, and I got her on my back and I carried her,” Reese said.

By that time, the water was up to his chest. He’s about six feet tall. He says his wife swam to safety.

“I can’t tell you that I wasn’t scared, but you know it’s just part of my training…I just got them out of there,” he said. “My main concern was getting my family out of there.”

He says it all happened in a span a five minutes.

His mother, Vickie Reese, tells us Randy is an amazing person. She says he’s a Bass pro fisherman, and a few years back she says he sold his fishing boat, and donated the $5,000 he got for it to a little boy with cancer.

She says he worked really hard on his house.

“He loves his home,” she said. “He just said it the other day…’I love my little home.’ And I said, ‘I love your little home too’ because they made it…it’s not a house…it’s a home. It was their home.”

While we were out there the family got some bad news: Their insurance company is not going to cover the damage.

Reese tells us they didn’t have flood insurance. He says the house is not on the flood plain.

But he says he is full of gratitude.

“I just want to say that I’m thankful, and I’m glad my family’s safe,” Reese said.

Insurance is going to cover the cars, according to Reese.

To donate to their GoFundMe, CLICK HERE

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